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Craft Beer

A glorious collection of craft beers  from across the globe. View what is new in stock at the Wine Gallery Edmonton. Details coming soon.

Red Wine

View our growing list of red wines from across the globe. 

Details coming soon.

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Image of Red Wine Glass

Value Wines

Wine Gallery Edmonton  believes that wine can be of excellent quality at an approachable price. We carry a diverse selection of elegant whites, reds, rose, and sparkling from across the globe. 

Distillery Spirits

Our vision is to share the beauty of craft distillery spirits and the art of recreating high end cocktails at home. Whether you are a craft cocktail enthusiast or are curious to experiment with new recipes using sought-after amaro, gin, vodka, bourbon, rye and specialty liquors, we have what you need. 

Craft Beer

We love to explore the world of craft beer here at the Wine Gallery. Beer Geeks can rejoice in our selection of thirst quenching IPAs, Porters, Stout, Pilsner, Radler and Fruit microbrews. 

White Wine

An enlightening selection of white wine  giving a nod to tradition. Details coming soon.

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This art of craft cocktails starts with the right ingredients. Shop our selection of distillery spirits. Details coming soon.

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