Ungava Premium Canadian Gin from Quebec.

Six unique botanicals sourced from northern tundra regions:

Cloudberry, Wild Rose Hips, Crowberry, Nordic Juniper, Labrador Tea,

and Arctic Blend.

Distillery Spirits

Ginja d'Obidos Sour Cherry Liqueur

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice-cream!
Alcohol and ice-cream were made for each other. Just think of all the wonderful combinations possible whether using spirits, liqueurs, beer, etc. How about Morello cherries?

Ginja is a Portuguese liqueur made by infusing ‘ginja’ berries (sour cherry) in alcohol (arguardente is used) and adding sugar and other ingredients.

This traditional drink is usually sipped on its own chilled or served in a fruit cup. But what about over vanilla ice-cream? Sounds delicious!